Whose Truth Is It?

Image credit: cdn.mumbaihangout.org
Image credit: cdn.mumbaihangout.org

In my former job I got to hear a lot of stories – some from people I knew and some from people I didn’t who probably hoped never to see me again, after realizing that they’d divulged WAY too much information.

I always wondered what prompted people to tell me things that were really none of my business, but maybe for them it was more than making conversation. Maybe they just wanted someone to hear their side.

I was reminded of one of those storytellers last week, when someone I knew gave a different spin on a TMI conversation that I had quite some ago, and I had a feeling that this version would have been pretty close to the other party’s story. My raconteur couldn’t have known this, so maybe it was a simple case of embarrassment that caused her to pass me straight when she saw me a while back.

But then there are times when you wish that you had been in the room.

That way you wouldn’t have to figure out the truth of a story by listening to both parts, deciding what doesn’t make sense and making your mind up about the rest. But since there are some people who don’t think like the rest of us, that might not be such a foolproof way of going about it.

He said/she said makes for an interesting story, but it’s a different kettle of fish when you have a horse in the actual race. Sorry for mixing my metaphors, but you get my point. Very recently I found myself wishing that I had been a proverbial fly on the wall when I was told two very different versions of a particular conversation.

Unfortunately my horse (or fish, depending on how you look at it), was at a disadvantage due to age, and although certain details of the other story seemed to change mid-stream the victor had already walked away with the spoils. We’ve heard that there are three sides to every story – two for the persons involved and the remaining side reserved for the truth.

The problem is that both always seem to claim it.



2 thoughts on “Whose Truth Is It?

  1. I’m with you on this – in my job I get the “pleasure” of dealing with complaints – and the he said/she said thing is really wearing. I really don’t like having to be the arbiter of the decision.

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