Holding My Tongue

Image credit: mebaneumc.com
Image credit: mebaneumc.com

I don’t make resolutions

At the start or at the end

But this year I made the promise

To change a bit, to bend

To see the good in others

Less judgments to be made

But people make it hard to do

To not – you know – throw shade

The drivers who “misjudge” the road

And end up on my side

The ones to whom I give a chance

But won’t let others slide

The parents with “outspoken” kids

When what they really are is “rude”

The teachers who feign sweetness

Masking their true attitudes

The women who genuinely believe

That every spoil creates a style

The people who of customers say

“Oh, she can wait a while”….

I’m trying to be kinder now

And gentler in my thoughts

Here’s to my self-improvement goal

Of never “going off”.



9 thoughts on “Holding My Tongue

  1. I too have been saying this and I hope you do better than I have been. I get more pleasure out of laughing at myself every time I renege. I can hold my tongue but my mind keeps urging me to let it out :-))

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