Year End Update 2015

Year end

I’m back again this year with the updates on a few stories that were reported on the blog this year. Most are from the latter part of this year so you might remember them – but I’ve provided links – so you can enjoy the stories again, and now see how they ended.

Three days after I wrote about the ad telling me where to go if someone had put a spell on me, the individuals who had placed the ad were arrested for operating a business without a license and for practicing obeah – both of which are against the law. The latter being one that goes back at least a century.

I had been unaware that it had been a trending topic in some quarters of social media, with several people expressing their dismay that the business was actually advertising its services. And in a case of extremely bad timing, another practitioner who chose to advertise in the paper that same week – was also taken in for questioning.

This is one time when it clearly did not pay to advertise.

If I thought that my rant about showing love by giving likes was going to change anything, I was sorely mistaken. With utter disregard for my feelings, people continue to post pictures of challenged and not-so-challenged individuals just so that they can watch the “like” meter climb.

Social media is the place to be seen, and most people look at the number of likes a post receives even before looking at the picture. People are making whole livelihoods out of telling others what, how and when to post in order to gain as much exposure as possible, so this “look at me” culture won’t be going away any time soon.

Haven’t we always been told that we won’t get what we want unless we ask for it?

Apparently 40 is the new 50 with many people seeing it as a milestone to be celebrated. All over social media – which has become my new complete source of information – people close to my age have been having parties and whooping it up and they haven’t even reached half a century yet.

I thought that we were living longer, but all this hoopla over a number far removed from the biblical three score and ten makes me wonder what I’m missing. Unlike the acquaintances who fished for compliments, this younger set is celebrating their milestones a little bit in adavnce.

Probably because getting the party started earlier means that you have more time to enjoy yourself.

I don’t know if he decided that he’d gotten all he could out of the ad, or if he decided to direct his funds elsewhere, or if he’d achieved his goal of becoming a household name, but about a week after I heard the tactless ad and wrote about it – it disappeared.

The obituaries still continue of course, but without the company’s reminder that we need to use its services to erect memorials to the people who left us some money. Whatever happened to just telling me what you’re selling and asking me to come and buy it?

However, if he’d done just that, I probably wouldn’t still be talking about it.


Happy New Year to all my readers, and here’s to more stories in 2016.



4 thoughts on “Year End Update 2015

    1. Yes. You see, I remember that people would wait until 50 to have that big bash. Now it’s happening earlier – soon we’ll be getting invites for milestone birthdays at 30.

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