Don’t Leave

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I didn’t leave…

 Before I had a visit from my childhood friend

 Before I was reminded that my mother was waiting up ahead

 Before I told my sister I was going – like I promised that I would

 Before I sang my favourite hymn as lustily as I could

 Before I went for one last drive, the breeze ruffling my hair

 Before I felt my first born’s kiss, in it, his love declared

 Before I knew that all was well, because she reassured me

 Before I gave my wife my thanks, whose care and love sustained me    


 Don’t leave…

 Before you’ve had a chance to make amends

 Before you’ve said ‘I love you’ to your family and friends

 Before you know that unkind words are better left unsaid

 Before you know that settled scores won’t matter in the end

 Before you know that each of us was born to make a difference

 However small, our actions tell the tale of our existence.


Remembering my father-in-law who passed from this life two years ago, this month.


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