Where is the Love?

Image credit: fanpop.com
Image credit: fanpop.com

If I see one more picture of an unfortunate individual with the caption “Let’s make this go viral” – I’m going to hurl.

Social media is awash with images of people – quite a few of them being children with some kind of disability – where the viewer is asked to “show some love” by liking the picture. And I’m always at a loss to understand what good that’s supposed to do.

A few months ago a picture of a woman with a headscarf was making the rounds. The picture was posted by the individual’s sister who was asking viewers to like the picture so that the woman would realize that she was still beautiful even though her treatment left her without hair. The aim was to have her take the scarf off.

And I failed to see how my liking her picture – or how me (a person who she doesn’t know) telling her that she was all that and a bag of chips, was supposed to make her feel better about herself. The woman probably did need a pick-me-up, but how does my admiration end up being the catalyst for her affirmation?

And who determines just how many likes it will take for her to feel comfortable enough to do away with her head covering anyway? Will she realize her worth when she passes the 1500 mark or will her self-esteem meter not budge until it gets to six digits? Just how many hearts does one’s ego really need to get?

Image credit: allabouthappylife.com
Image credit: allabouthappylife.com

Dove, the company best known for its soap, has started a #NoLikesNeeded campaign in the UK that’s designed to convince girls that liking themselves is the only thing that matters, since research showed that most of them felt that they were prettier online than in their own mirrors.

Given the example above, it’s clear that age has nothing to do with it. I always laugh at those Throwback Thursday pictures that people post of themselves. Not because they look funny, but because you can see right through the attempts to gain a ton of likes from the pictures that show them when they were younger and slimmer, with more hair and better skin.

I must confess to not seeing the point of that either, because the likes are clearly for the person you were back then. Likes for the current you will likely require some photoshopping of your washboard abs taken with the five children that you bore a mere two years ago.

We can dream can’t we? So when I see that picture you can be sure that I’m going to “like” – no, “love” it.


5 thoughts on “Where is the Love?

  1. Yes, that is a pet peeve of mine too. Along with all the stupid, idiotic “jokey” innuendo things they post around Breast Cancer Awareness – I mean, really! If you want to do something to help make a donation for heavens sake.
    Seems like nothing is real or meaningful unless it’s on social media of some sort waiting for strangers to validate you. – ugh.
    Sorry for the rant, but this gets me fired up.

  2. I was interviewing a job candidate who near the end announced, we have a great rapport. I remember thinking, if you have to say it, then we don’t. I feel much the same way about those please make me feel viral photos.

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