“If You See Something, Say Something”

When I was younger I never wanted to be a teacher. Or a firefighter. Or a police officer. Or any of those occupations that children aspire to before they know any better. I think my immature mind thought that being a teacher meant that I would have to know everything – but my belief that fighting fires and keeping the peace were activities that could be fraught with much danger was a no-brainer even back then.

Image credit: openclpart.org
Image credit: openclpart.org

Serious policing can’t be easy, but unfortunately some policemen consider the protecting and serving part to be a disposable piece of the job description. I remember watching those cop shows on American TV and realizing that not everybody wearing the uniform got a chance to fight crime, because somebody had to take care of the paperwork. And maybe that’s where some of them should stay – behind a desk – with the only power entrusted to them being the one that comes from using a pen.

In the last few weeks there have been several accusations against local police officers who were a bit too zealous in the execution of their duties. How many officers does it take to subdue one individual anyway? How many “unlucky blows” must be landed to almost take out somebody’s eye? For years we’ve been asked to “say something” if we “see something” to help police fight crime. It’s probably not what they intended, but the catchy slogan is perfect for reporting the instances where an increasing number of officers feel comfortable practicing their combat skills on the rest of us.



2 thoughts on ““If You See Something, Say Something”

  1. It’s not a profession for me either. There are really good officers out there who really are in the field to serve and protect and then there are those, as you say, would be better off behind the desk. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to distinguish between the two until it is too late.

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