Everybody does it

My husband caught me doing it.

Doesn't she look like she wants to say something? Image credit: brotherswithnogame.com
Doesn’t she look like she wants to say something?
Image credit: brotherswithnogame.com

Well maybe caught is the wrong word because I really thought that everybody did it. He assured me however, that everyone does not – talk to his or herself. Unlike talking to the TV or to the persons in a movie who can’t hear you, I think that talking to oneself actually makes quite a lot of sense. At least you can be sure somebody’s listening.

For as long as I’ve known myself I’ve been expressing my thoughts out loud. Naturally, I do it when I’m alone – because one would have to be by oneself to be talking to oneself. If someone was in the room with you, you would not be alone and then you would not be talking to yourself but to the person in the room with you. And if you were indeed talking to yourself while someone else was in the room – well, then that’s when you’d be called “crazy”.

And since I’d like to think that all my screws are in reasonably tight I make sure to do it when I’m by myself.

But back to my assumption that everybody does it.

When you’re going over the course of the day’s events in your head, don’t you express dismay at an unusual occurrence by repeating out loud the words that the person said?

When you have a particularly disturbing customer experience, don’t you audibly (and incredulously) go over the interaction, solidifying it in your mind so that you can be sure of all the details when you tell somebody else?

And when you’re anticipating a difficult conversation, don’t you prepare for it as you would a major speech by loudly stating your case – and vocalizing the opposite side as well – the better to prepare yourself for the battle ahead?

Lest you think I’m the only one who does this, I once visited an opthamologist who, after completing my eye exam, proceeded to do her calculations for my contact lens prescription by repeating the formula out loud – not in her head. She didn’t appear the least concerned that I hadn’t left the room yet, but I was confident that when my lenses came I’d have no trouble seeing out of them.

It seems though, that I haven’t been talking to myself as much as I used to because I can’t believe that after having celebrated several double-digit anniversaries, my husband doesn’t seem to be aware that he’s been married to a person who speaks out loud the things that are going around in her head.

However, that’s probably a good thing.

Do you sometimes talk to yourself out loud? Don’t worry – I won’t tell.


5 thoughts on “Everybody does it

      1. Thanks Allie P. Lots of people (my husband included) continue to deny that they do it. I don’t know if this article will encourage them to come out of the closet.
        I’m in total agreement with the article writer especially about the “genius” part, but unlike her I will continue to talk to myself when nobody’s looking.

  1. My husband caught me talking to myself and said “You never used to do that.” Maybe not in front of him before but I do now, apparently! Neither of us hears very well, but THAT is what he chose to hear? Men. Pffft…

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