Ode to the Shows

Image credit: fetevip.com
Image credit: fetevip.com

Packed high with performers – sometimes fifty on the bill

It’s five when your fave come on – you’re ‘bout ready to kill

There are one or two patrons who – try as they might –

Can’t really consume all the drinks that they charge us that night

Image credit: rishisankar.com
Image credit: rishisankar.com

Some VIP sections are so far from the action

You need some binoculars to see which artist is singing

Themed fetes are the rave where you don your best heels

Come attired in white or dress down in your jeans

Image credit: searchantigua.com
Image credit: searchantigua.com

Groove with vintage performers – which can be a nice change

When you’re tired of them others asking you to jump up and wave

We can bring our own bottles and just pay for the ice

Or we’re going home wet but we’re still paying their price

Image credit: coastcaribbeanimages.com
Image credit: coastcaribbeanimages.com

The best thing by far about all of these shows

Is the fact that each one requires a new set of clothes

With all of this fun – our pocket’s feeling some heat

But with a seasonal loan – thank the Lord, we can eat!

Image credit:cnn.com
Image credit:cnn.com

There are so many fetes now, running right through the week

Because frankly nobody’s really thinking ‘bout sleep

That’s why two weeks after the festival’s done

We find us the energy to attend that “last” one.

Image credit: lovemiddlesbrough.com
Image credit: lovemiddlesbrough.com

7 thoughts on “Ode to the Shows

    1. Go to all of these? Heavens no! I will admit to having attended one or two of them in my time (not the one where I’d get wet though), but I stopped going when it stopped being fun. But that’s just me.

  1. I do miss the excitement of the shows! In truth I miss all the bacchanal surrounding them. Music, food, drink and action for so but don’t step on my foot or rub up on me:-))

    1. Girl…. That stepping on the foot thing is the worst. It’s like they don’t realize that the body they’re passing has some feet attached to it. As for the rubbing up – well, what can I say? Even Jesus didn’t like it.

    1. One year, it rained buckets so our whites did turn a little grey as we waded our way home. That year we did two fetes in one – “white” and “wet”.

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