Things Antiguan and Barbudan

Last week there was a showcase of items that are produced by some of the people who live in Antigua and Barbuda. Dubbed “Things Antiguan and Barbudan” this Expo brought together a number of producers whose wares varied from food items to soft furnishings, and from furniture to art. Some exhibitors are part of Antigua’s cottage industry, while others actually export their items regionally.

It was a good opportunity to see what others are doing and to determine how far your company is from where you want it to be, eventually.

Here are photos of some of the exhibitors. The last is the outfit that I’m associated with. This company is co-owned by my sister and sells products that are 100% natural. Do look us up on Facebook at Natura Health and Healing.

20150616_121645-1The ladies who weave these bags say they’re at their busiest in the month’s leading up to our Independence celebrations. I bought this bag for my daughter.

20150612_150849 I saw these cupcakes on Facebook. They’re even prettier in person and taste just as good.


I wanted to see if these cushions were as comfortable as they looked – but I didn’t think that they’d have appreciated me asking.


A purveyor of teas, spices, dried fruit and more, Granma Aki has been in the business for a bit. I’m loving her new labels.


Cedar’s Pottery is the name of this business that works with ceramics and wood.


These beans bags from a company called Lazy Bones are made from recycled polystyrene, and are incredibly comfortable. They also make apparel and beer.


The coffee smells wafting from not one, but two stalls made me want to have a cup – and I don’t drink coffee.


African print outfits are immensely popular now. I couldn’t resist fingering the fine work.


And here we are. From cough rubs to healing creams, mosquito repellants to pain free sprays, Natura uses nature’s gifts to heal whatever ails you.


Please take a card.


6 thoughts on “Things Antiguan and Barbudan

    1. Our mosquito repellant is safe for children, has a pleasant smell and really does work. Our website isn’t up yet, but we’ll get one right to you.

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