Lines of Demarcation

By now some of you know that certain types of drivers and their antics annoy me to no end, but as I told my husband the other day I think I’ve written enough posts on that subject. However, while this peeve does concern cars, it doesn’t involve moving ones.

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This is about those people who take up two spaces when they park by going over the line. They’re almost as annoying as the ones who park at a 45 degree angle – effectively killing the opportunity for anyone to park next to them. Obviously that’s exactly what they’re aiming for probably because at some point they returned to their car only to find that it had been scratched.

In the interest of full disclosure, I will admit that I once straddled the line myself while in a supermarket parking lot – but I don’t need a defense because I genuinely thought that I had parked between the designated lines.

Although the parking lot wasn’t full when I left the vehicle or when I came back, I had apparently raised somebody’s ire. Waiting on my windshield was a scribbled note that berated me for being selfish for the way I had parked. The person even left a telephone number for me to call so that he or she could continue cussing me out.

Who does that? And who would call the number?

The other day I parked my vehicle in a large enclosed area on the site of a particular building. There are no lines of demarcation but it’s regularly used as a parking area. When I turned off my engine I was a tad conscious that I could have been a little more economical in using the space, by allowing another to vehicle to fit.

I considered moving closer to an already-parked vehicle but thought better of it. Praise the Lord that my sixth sense was working that day. Wouldn’t you know that a driver reversed her vehicle right into the bumper of the car that I was (thankfully) more than a few feet away from? Had I been a little closer, she would have swiped me too.

At first, it didn’t appear as if the driver had heard the loud crunching sound that’s emitted when two cars collide. She eventually realized what was preventing her from going back any further. So she straightened up, got out of the car and spent what I thought was an inordinately long time looking at her own vehicle – something you normally do when someone else hits you. 

From where I was crouching (because she was looking to see who was around), there didn’t appear to be much, if any damage. When she finally got around to throwing a cursory glance at the car she had backed into, it was clear that she had already decided that it wasn’t necessary to notify the owner that she might have added another scratch to a bumper that was already full of notches.

Because she just took off.

But I’ve got her number.


4 thoughts on “Lines of Demarcation

  1. I can’t decide whether or not I am impressed by the person who left their number on your car. You can’t say they were being passive aggressive with their feedback, just fully aggressive.

    1. All I knew is that I’d be crazy to call the number. That’s clearly an example of road rage – and like I said at the top of the post, the cars weren’t even moving.

    1. I’m amazed myself. But I’ve heard that leaving notes on windshields is not uncommon – but those are probably a lot nicer than the one I got.

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