Where The Boys Are

There’s an expression that we use when our first impression of someone isn’t a good one. When we say that our “spirit doesn’t take” somebody – it means that we don’t like the individual. We might not know much about the individual, but that becomes irrelevant since our dislike means that we won’t be inclined to get to know the individual.

Sometimes we know just what it is that puts us off. Other times we can’t quite put our finger on it. And invariably – though not always – that initial impression doesn’t change.

Image credit: designer.com
Image credit: designer.com

I just didn’t know that this applied to dogs as well.

You may know that I now have an addition to my household in the form of a dog we’re calling Cupcake. The last time I was this close to dogs, I was in my early teens and besides feeding them I didn’t really have to do most of the other things required to care for them.

Now I’m seeing all that I missed. I had witnessed several litters and was well aware of how they came about, but I guess I wasn’t in class for the rest of the lesson. My houseguest saw her menses and proceeded to the stage of being “in heat”. A walk down the road for some exercise turned into a show for all the boys in the neighbourhood.

She was the only one who didn’t understand that she couldn’t just be bringing any old body home, and that we would be concerned about the ensuing “children” from any kind of union. So I accompanied her as she sniffed and strutted, they sniffed and trailed and I attempted to preserve her chastity.

In the end we decided that she should probably do what dogs need to do, and we went looking for a suitor. After a few days, one was found and we took her to meet “the boyfriend”. I was confident that she and “Lucky” would be getting busy for a while, so I was surprised to receive a call informing me that my Cupcake didn’t seem to be co-operating.

It seemed as if she had been listening. She was probably taken aback that someone whom she had only recently met was getting entirely too fresh. At least she’d seen the boys in the neighbourhood before – but to this one – I bet she was saying “I don’t know you like that!”

Back at home, things seemed much the same whenever we went for our daily walk. She looked, they looked. She made to go towards them, I pulled her back. So we tried “the boyfriend” again. Since the introduction had already been made, she couldn’t very well claim that she didn’t know him.

Apparently, she wasn’t giving it up on the second date either – so again, Lucky was unable to live up to his name. I was convinced that she just didn’t like him and had made up her mind that this specimen wasn’t going to partake of any of her goods. It seems that we weren’t the only ones concerned about the offspring.

It’s likely however that she had already passed the “standing heat” stage when she would have let him (or anyone really) have a go at it – and we were just too late to make the magic happen. Dogs don’t feel the stirrings of the heart like we do – it’s all just a matter of timing, so as long as we play our cards right, come next time we might be able to get some puppies.

And Lucky will finally be able to get “lucky”.



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