Best In Show

Me. At a dog show. Who would have thought that would ever happen? It’s no Westminister, but I thought I’d take our Cupcake to see what amounts to a local talent show and beauty contest for canines.

This diva didn’t want her picture taken.

This dog didn't want her picture taken

This Mastiff Akita Mix accepts hugs from kids but you should have seen him taking his owner for a walk.


We missed the agility and obedience competition, but we put Cupcake through her paces anyway. Her score? We don’t judge.

trimmed_image(20-3-2015 8-25-26)[1]

Walking back and forth with the eggs… and the dogs. They were surprisingly obedient.

trimmed_image(20-3-2015 8-32-45)[1]

This dog’s owner entered her in the best costume competition. You get one guess.

trimmed_image(20-3-2015 8-29-59)[1]

These two don’t look all that interested in the goings-on.

trimmed_image(20-3-2015 8-28-15)[1]

This gorgeous Akita mix named Silas was entered in the “Cutest Dog” competition. His owners told me that he was very obedient – he pretty much ate on command.


I turned my back and Cupcake gains an admirer.


A little much?

trimmed_image(27-3-2015 10-23-40)[1]

I called this one “Scrappy”. I think you can see why.

trimmed_image(27-3-2015 10-25-38)[1]

Here’s my vote for the cutest dog…


…But we’re getting Cupcake ready for the win next year.



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