It’s a little chilly in here

The temperature dropped by a couple of degrees  when I told my daughter that I wanted to save my money for something else, instead of purchasing the snow that they were selling – but she just wouldn’t “let it go”.

Last weekend I took the kids to see a local school production of Frozen. The Island Academy International School usually chooses a popular story (or in this case), a blockbuster movie to showcase the talents of their students and the abilities of local artists.

The costuming is usually the thing that I like the most.

They're a little overdressed but...
They’re a little overdressed for our weather but…

Most of the original characters were there, like Sven – the dog-acting reindeer, but they took a few liberties like…

Olaf and Oona breaking into a lovely duet
Olaf and Oona breaking into a lovely duet

…marrying off Olaf to a snowgirl named Oona…

Flake, Floe, Flurry and Firn
Flake, Floe, Flurry and Firn

….and adding a couple of sprites who busied themselves doing whatever it is that sprites do.

Elsa in full "let it go" mode
Elsa in full “let it go” mode

Elsa didn’t really need to sing anything given the support she received from her choristers in the audience.

trimmed_image(20-3-2015 7-59-44)[1]

But I think Anna stole the show with her eternal optimism and very pretty voice.

Singing "that song" one last time
Singing “that song” one last time

As they always do, the school’s play writers add in a few current references (think Miley Cyrus), that may not play the same way a year or two from now – but by then they’ll be on to another story.


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