What’s That Up Ahead?

Image credit: redbubble.net
Image credit: redbubble.net

I’ve never been a follower of horoscopes. Back in the day when they were a usual feature in newspapers, I would read them just to see what my day wasn’t going to be like. Other than my own zodiac sign and those of the persons near to me, I couldn’t tell you which month was Pisces and which was for the ram.

Don’t talk about the type of personality that was attributed to my sign – they obviously weren’t talking about me.

I’ve known people who would religiously read their daily horoscopes in order to avoid danger or to improve their luck, or to decide when to take a trip or whether to cross the street. But determining my actions based on what Mars or Venus is doing never appealed very much to me.

Nonetheless, given that it’s been a while since I’ve paid any attention at all to my astrological forecast I’ve decided to see if anything’s changed. Here’s what I found out about my fortunes for the upcoming month.

My horoscope opened with a sentence that would get anyone’s attention, as the astrologist told me that finances would be my main focus early in the month as I would be looking for ways to “increase profit and decrease debt”. I think she hit the nail on the head with that one – in fact, I’m sure I’d be able to get that prediction right too.

However, it appears that I need to be a little more in tune with astro-speak because when she mentioned Mercury being in retrograde she then began to lose me.  And when I was warned to pay particular attention to any opportunities that I would be hearing about, it caused me some worry that they would pass me by because I wouldn’t be able to see them.

And therein lies the problem. The astrologist claims to be telling me what’s up ahead, but since my vision is less than perfect (or I might see things a little differently), it’s possible that I just might miss it. Which is probably her insurance, because she can always say, “…but that’s not what I meant”.

So why doesn’t she just tell me?

Love is in the air for me, you say? Does this mean that my husband will be extra lovey-dovey this month or should I expect some flowers from someone else? Beware of the challenge that I’ll meet at work? Would that be the challenge to complete my report on time or the very challenging people with whom I work?

I once had a palm reading done just for the heck of it. I was thinking that this way the generalizations would have to come to an end, but armed with all I’d ever heard about fortune tellers, I was still a little skeptical. The woman was fairly young and she operated out of a rented apartment. It was clear that her profession wasn’t yet bringing in the big bucks.

Her husband, or significant other, recognized me as being related to somebody they both knew, and I hoped that this little detail wasn’t giving her information that she didn’t have to work for. She asked for my palm and I gave it to her. But that’s about all I was willing to surrender.

She told me that I was presently having difficulties in a relationship with a person or persons involved who weren’t exactly close to me. I racked my brain and came up with two possibilities – but I wasn’t sure which one. So I asked whether the situation would be amicably resolved, and she answered that it would. So I exhaled – even though I  wasn’t sure what I had to do to actually make that happen.

I don’t know if she found me a boring subject because, disappointingly, she didn’t have any earth-shattering predictions to tell me. Maybe my palms weren’t that interesting. Maybe I didn’t ask the right questions. However, I made sure to stay away from any queries about when and how it would all come to an end for me because I didn’t think I could have lived with the pressure.

I’m sure she wasn’t surprised though, when I did ask the question that most young women would want an answer to.

She assured me that yes, I would become a mother – of two boys. And years later my suspicions would be confirmed that clearly – she couldn’t see everything.

Have you ever had a palm or tarot reading? And do you even read your horoscope?


5 thoughts on “What’s That Up Ahead?

  1. I’ve had tarot cards done as well as palm and others. To tell you the truth, once the tarot cards were so spot on that it was really scary. I haven’t been back since then.

  2. I nearly missed this one! The only time I’ve had my fortune told was by one of those machines you might see at a carnival. It told me that I should never, ever marry a Pisces because I would never win an argument. I think after our 11 years together I may just have proven the machine wrong a time or two…unless that was only what my husband wanted me to think. Oh no!!!

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