Perfect Resolution

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Have you heard?

Resolution-making has completely gone out of style.

A lot people don’t seem to have the inclination to manufacture them anymore. I know that I don’t have the time to think up a list of things that won’t be accomplished come this time next year anyway.

Trying to do better than I did last year is about as close to a resolution as I’m going to get. However this time of striving for perfection got me thinking about change and transformation.

Last week my husband asked me what physical thing I would change about myself if I was able to do so – I’m assuming he meant money permitting. Now while I knew that the correct answer was “not a thing” I wasn’t trying to fool anybody – least of all myself. I also wasn’t going to wallow in my “perfection” hoping that he wouldn’t notice that I’m not.

Maybe he was just testing me to see how far I’ve come because he already knew what part of myself I would change before I even said it. And he might have been just a little disappointed to realize that I was still holding on to that old chestnut. But I had to wonder if given the actual chance (and the actual money), whether I would even go through with it.

‘Cause frankly, I need St. Peter to recognize me when I show up at the gate. Somebody’s going to know that I’m coming back in just a little different from the way I was sent out, and it might be just a little embarrassing when a couple of things don’t match up. No amount of claims about “healthy living” is going to answer the questions likely to come after that.

Days after my husband’s query, and in a case of suspicious timing, he showed me a recent story about women in a certain part of the world who embarked on facial plastic surgery to “improve” their looks. When I saw the pictures I had to agree that the results were amazing, because some of the “before” pictures bore little resemblance to the “after” shots.

The changes were so drastic that unless the women took the time to renew all their pieces of identification after the procedures, anyone could reasonably assume that they had stolen them.

So to avoid the “did she or didn’t she” question, I should probably make the change where people won’t actually see anything.

"I got nothing". Image credit:
“…I got nothing”.
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Which means I’ll be having some work done on the inside instead.



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