Year End Update

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I thought I’d do an update on some of the stories that made news during the year on this blog. Feel free to refresh your memory from the links I’ve provided and that way you can see how far I’ve come.

Seven months after I complained about the salesman with some serious stalking tendencies, I still haven’t managed to ditch him. I’d already mentioned that he had an iron-clad constitution for rejection coupled with a hearing problem, because no matter how many times I told him that I didn’t want to buy what he was selling, he kept trying to make that sale.

I knew I wasn’t creative enough to find the multiple ways required to tell him “no”, and he wasn’t listening anyway, so I decided to make good use of caller-id and immediately disconnect him. I think he must have liked the game we were playing because every time he called I would pick up the phone but say absolutely nothing.

And every living time he seems surprised that he’s greeted with dead air. Without fail, he’ll call back thinking that he got cut off by mistake. No learning taking place there, it seems. I’m lulled into complacency when I don’t hear from him for a couple of weeks, but after what he seems to think is a suitable hiatus, he diligently resumes his pursuit.

Seems like the only way I’ll shake him is by changing my number.

Five months after I’d heard that my marriage was over, I saw the person from whose lips the news had come. I literally bumped into her coming out of a changing room and I immediately thought of her faux pas. She didn’t appear to recognize me and I thought that, either she doesn’t know of whom she spoke, doesn’t remember what she spoke about, doesn’t think that my husband told me what she spoke about, or was embarrassed about the whole thing.

It appears that it was a simple case of mistaken identity. Seemingly I look very much like somebody she saw that day, and she thought that somebody was me. That’s the story she’s sticking with. A simple inquiry about my health led to the discovery that my marriage had failed and so when she saw my husband she naturally expressed her sorrow at its demise.

I have to give it to her though. Not wanting to take any chances, she began her apology by making sure that she was talking to the correct person this time. Unfortunately though, in giving her explanation she found it necessary to repeat the same incorrect details within earshot of the salesperson.

I only hope she manages to get the story right.

Nine months after writing, and despite the fact that cars still don’t end up in the hospital like people do, some Antiguans are still walking in the road as if nothing is coming. Just this week, a lady was crossing a road from one side to the other. Granted, it was a very narrow road, but the look of shock on her face seemed to indicate that she was beyond astonished that a car would be traversing it too.

A few days later my husband saw another woman who was walking merrily along. She raised her hand in greeting to the occupants of a passing car – and almost lost it in the process. Despite the near miss, she didn’t bother to move nearer to the curb – I guess because that car was the only one she was likely to see that day.

I’ve since learned that we’re one of the few islands where pedestrians can get away with this foolishness. On larger islands, the motorists mean business and in going about their business they’re not too concerned about paying attention to something that shouldn’t be in the road in the first place.

Oh how I wished I lived there.

It’s been eight months since I commented about the elevation of the dog in the Antiguan household remarking that some of them were eating off plates that had been washed and placed in the dish drainer along with the other dishes. I still don’t have anything against them, but maybe because I grew up with quite a few dogs is the reason why I’m not that eager to give in to my son’s desire to have one.

Not that it would find itself on my bed any time soon, but since Pope Francis announced that all dogs go to heaven, it seems that I may need to adjust my mind-set. It was reported that he said that “paradise was open to all God’s creatures” and that we would see our animals again in “the eternity of Christ”.

It has since been corrected – but the words erroneously attributed to him seemed to infer that animals are also on God’s radar. So we had better start treating them properly ’cause somebody else is paying attention.

Who knew my favourite dog Sandy would have an automatic pass when she got to them pearly gates?

Happy New Year to all my readers and here’s to fodder for more stories in 2015.


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