My First Project

As if parents don’t have enough to do.

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Now, I’m quite willing to do my part to ensure that my children get a good education. One parent I know always says to her children’s teachers – “Help me to help you”, so that the teacher knows that they’re both in it together.

But I understand how some parents feel when the teachers set the assignments for the children and the parents end up doing the work. Sure, they tell us to supervise while the child puts the project together but which of us is really willing to take that chance.

Besides, the teachers have been in this thing for years – they know when the ratio of parent to child input is 10:1. We’re not fooling them.

So I think that if they really want the child to do the actual work then they need to let the kid do it right there in the classroom. That way there’s no undue influence and I don’t have to compete with Brandon’s father who does graphic designing on the side.

I’ve heard the complaints from other parents whose children are older than mine, but I could sympathize only a little, because my son hadn’t yet been sent home with what could be considered unreasonable expectations – on the teacher’s part.

The last major assignment he had was a group project, and among themselves they pretty much figured out what materials they wanted to use and where they were going to use them.

Of course we had to explain the law of physics in some instances and make a few suggestions, but they shouldered most of it until they ran out of steam when the finished product was taking a little long to appear.

By that time, we wanted to see (the back of) it too, so we didn’t mind helping them to bring the project ashore.

My daughter’s first major project on the other hand, required her to make a model of an animal using recycled materials. Happily, she was easily convinced to choose something less “complicated”, because I’m not that good at drawing – particularly legs. So after I she chose an animal that doesn’t have any of those, we got down to the business of cutting up the pieces that would cover its body.

She had been reminding me about this project every day for a week so now we had two days before it had to be turned in – but since I’m not one to leave things until the last minute, the application was the only thing I could afford to put off ‘til tomorrow. All those little pieces were going to be cut up tonight! We both began together, but she quickly lost interest in the repetitive action. She claimed fatigue, and so I soldiered on.

The next night was application time. She stuck around for longer this time and we finished it up just before she went to bed. Her father added the piece de resistance and I was pretty pleased with the final product. You can bet I was dying to know what the other parents kids had done.


The item remained at school for about two weeks before it was relinquished. It was a little banged up when it came back, but when I lifted up the fin I was ecstatic.

I got an A+.



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