Touloulou Date Night

I thought it was a strange name too, but Mark, the manager tells me that the name of French Guianese extraction means “Queen of Carnival”, but the owners took it from the Pomeranian dog that was their mascot when the original restaurant was built in the English Harbour location.

The entrance to Touloulou Bistro
The entrance to Touloulou Bistro

We’re a little late in getting here – and I don’t mean the 10 minutes that we ran behind our scheduled reservation time.


The original restaurant, named Villa Touloulou, opened in December 2013 and everyone we’ve talked to has raved about the food, so we decided to see for ourselves.

Sorry I couldn't wait
Sorry I couldn’t wait

The cuisine is Asian fusion and the décor included hand carved wooden mirrors and tons and tons of fabric. It was cozy, but still had a nice open feeling which didn’t pose a problem during the unexpected rain storm that evening.

The accompanying jasmine rice soon followed
The accompanying jasmine rice soon followed

The original restaurant is in the south-eastern section of the island, but because 70% of its clientele comes from the northern side of the island, Touloulou Bistro  is located much closer to me.


I normally try to catch concerts, programmes and restaurants on nights other than the first one, so that any kinks can be ironed out.  But this opening night was pretty decent.

 Touloulou 2

The staff was attentive, and I look forward to trying other items on the menu. As we were leaving, Mark followed us out, eager to know whether we had enjoyed our meal and our evening.

I think we’ll be going back.


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