South Coast Segueway


Gonzalo had blown in two weekends ago, and all I wanted to do was stay home and air out my fridge. But an outing for a sixteenth birthday (not mine, in case you’re wondering), took precedence instead.

All and sundry
All and sundry

Located in the south of the island, South Coast Horizon is a kayaking adventure tour that took us through the mangroves and into a secluded cove of Cades Bay. No rapids here – just paddling on the calm surface of the water.

Left..and then…right

It was almost impossible to believe that just a few miles away, car horns would be blaring and it would be hustling-as-usual back in St. John’s.


We were the only ones on the tour that day and we packed a picnic lunch to enjoy for the three or so hours that we were there. We were introduced to the rowing technique before we set off, but most of us didn’t get the hang of it until we were coming back.

He looks like he could do this all day
He looks like he could do this all day

When we go back we’re definitely going snorkeling on the nearby reef. The guide says it’s as good if not better than other well-known locations in the world, and the view even prettier. Unfortunately, I may just have to keep going around in circles while I wait for the others to get back.

Preparing for the next visit
Preparing for the next visit

I’m more than glad that I decided to spend a day out, because – guess what? – the fridge was still waiting for me when l I got back.

Getting my supermodel on
Getting my supermodel on


Thanks to my sister-in-law for all the pictures


6 thoughts on “South Coast Segueway

  1. What a lovely part of the world (minus the storms of course) you live in. Feeling envious as it is supposed to be spring here, but it’s feeling more like the middle of winter at the moment.

    1. I’m with you there. It’s not deep at all – think Jabberwock or maybe Fryes. For a non-swimmer like myself I felt very comfortable the entire time.

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