“Better Here or Better There”

Image credit: outsourcing-center.com
Image credit: outsourcing-center.com

As a person who has worn glasses or corrective lenses for most of my life, I’m accustomed to having to make that yearly trip to the eye specialist to make sure that I can still read the letters. So a chart is put up and I’m placed in front of the refractor machine where the doctor inserts a set of different lenses to determine how bad my eyesight has gotten since the last time I was there. 

And so begins the questioning. Better here or better there? Which choice of lens will help when I really need to see the fine print? Which choice of lens says that it’s a good thing I came in when I did? I used to get really nervous because sometimes I honestly saw no difference between two (supposedly) different lenses. Then I used to wonder whether the doctor was just trying to trick me – and was merely taking out a lens, but putting the very same one back in.

Four months after our general elections where the opposition party has now become the ruling party, most people would agree that it might be a little early to decide whether they made the right choice – or a big mistake. As expected, some promises are taking a little long to be implemented, either because some things are easier said than done or because being on the outside means that you don’t see everything until you get in.

Lots of things that didn’t make sense four months ago can make perfect sense now – now that you’re in charge. What was a waste of money then can be revived with a name change and a slight attitude adjustment on your part. Taking out four people on the front end, while sneaking in ten in the back is the new-fangled way to make cost-cutting strategies work. And decreasing the fees for those sitting on boards is a fitting concession to make for piling them high with people who still haven’t a clue about the subject at hand.

For those of us who recognize that the politician tells us what we want to hear and who don’t expect to see them up close for another five years, we aren’t surprised that the view is the same regardless of the side we’re sitting on. Whether we’re happy or not depends on which ones we decided to put in to bat first.

They say that government is continuous because the jobs haven’t changed – it’s only the names of the people doing them that are different. It’s still early days yet, but I think that I can already see where this is going. That’s why now, when I take my eye exams and I’m asked, “better here or better there”, I’m no longer afraid to admit that they’re both pretty much the same – because I’m not seeing any appreciable difference.




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