I’m All Out Of Suggestions – and Steam

Does anybody read the comments put into suggestion boxes? Furthermore, does anyone put anything in there? Do the recipients count the number of complaints on a particular topic and decide that they’ll take action on the ones that seem to irk people the most? Or do they just read them and file them away so that they can ignore them later?

Image credit: cinemacurmudgeon.com
Image credit: cinemacurmudgeon.com

I’m thinking the latter. I used to be one of those persons who would complain to the teller, the supervisor, the middle manager, the owner, the directors and the editors – but I think I’m giving it up. It’s clear that this squeaky wheel isn’t getting any grease.

I used to participate in the customer surveys that took place by phone. I’d diligently answer all the questions – happy that I’d been chosen and confident in the knowledge that a change was gonna come. It never did, even though I continued to give my honest opinions every time they asked – and every time they always asked the same damn questions. Was there no learning taking place?

It suddenly dawned on me that I needed to get too busy to take their pop quizzes, because when I went into the establishment after what should have been enough time to put my suggested changes in place, I realized that they were resistant to even the most minor of modifications.

As my sister said on her last foray with “exceptional” customer service, “Why even ask if you’re just going to do what you want anyway”?

Why give me a choice of two flights when you know you’re going to cancel one of them altogether when you end up not having enough passengers to go on that flight? Why take my contact number when you can wait till I get to the airport to not tell me that you’ve placed me on another (longer) flight?

About a month ago, I made an appointment with a provider’s salesperson for a particular promotion. I’ve never been a fan of this company’s service – nonetheless we agreed on a date and time for his visit. He never showed up, and as we say here, “if he called me, it’s now”. The old me would have lit somebody afire but I had neither the ire, the indignation nor the inclination required to call him back or make a complaint.

Today, out of the blue he called back – seemingly remembering the appointment. Without identifying himself or the company he worked for, he proceeded to call a series of female names, hoping that I would answer to one of them. After I refreshed his memory – about my name and the fact that the service had been required a month ago – he said that he’d been away on a course, but he’d like to come by.

It was obvious that the course didn’t include the how-to-make-your-customer-feel-wanted module, but it was clear that he was trying to make up for lost sales because his willingness to work with me on anything at all that I needed almost convinced me that I should give him the chance to try to make his quota.

So I told him that when I was ready he’d be the first one I’d call.

Don’t you just love it when what goes around doesn’t take too long to come back?


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