Second Time’s The Charm?

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So I’m back on Facebook again, and I’m starting fresh.

Last time I was there it wasn’t at all what I expected, but that’s probably because I was expecting too much. Having accepted almost every friend request that was sent my way, I realized that I was in trouble when I was prompted to send a birthday wish to a “friend”, and I had to think twice about it.

Primarily because I knew that if I saw him on the street, I wouldn’t have said a blessed thing.

But as I told somebody, it’s been a little different this time around.

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For one thing, I’m not looking for any “friends”. Since I’m always seeing the pictures of people I may know, then that means that they’re seeing mine too. So I know I don’t need to do anything except wait for the inevitable requests.

And without fail I receive the ones from people whose main concern is increasing their friend count. Sure, you may recognize me because I traverse the area where you work on a daily basis, but that doesn’t make us close. Sure, you may agree with me that pre-weight-loss Luther is better than post-weight-loss Luther, but that isn’t a sufficient connection  – even if you have “added” me as a friend.

I’ve gotten requests from people who I may or may not know, but how can I really be sure who you are if your profile picture is a couple of wine glasses on a table – or a sunset? Fine for the people who’ve already seen you, but isn’t that what your timeline is for? Since you’re not ready to be identified, I’ll be pressing “Not now”, for now.

I don’t quite understand the people who use their children or grandchildren (or their younger selves), as their profile picture and then send me a request to be their friend. Let’s cut the crap here. Since we’re really not that tight, I couldn’t recognize your baby girl from anybody else’s so forgive me if I don’t immediately confirm. I think that’s why there’s a Throwback Thursday. Again. The timeline?

Some profile pictures are downright unrecognizable. After seeing one profile picture for a name I recognized, I deduced that there must be somebody else with the same name who also went to the same school as I did – because that person doesn’t look anything like the person who used to come over to my house. So you might want to put some other pictures into your limited profile or else be willing to answer a couple of questions before I accept that request.

Since I’m not in a race to increase the number of people that I’m acquainted with, it’s easy to pare down the actual number of posts I have to wade through whenever I log on. Happily, I’ve accepted quite a few people who only post once in every two blue moons which works wonderfully for me.

Because the serial posters, the religious quotation distributors, the double sharers, the over-sharers, the self-promoters, the axe-to-grinders, the quote-a-day-ers, the live-your-life-like-it’s-your-last-day-admonishers, the isn’t-it-a-beautiful-day-prompters, the if-you-agree-say-amen-ers, the you-better-“like”-this-or-else-ers, the bet-you-won’t-pass-this-along-bully-ers – more than make up for them.

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I’ve found lots of stuff on Facebook to laugh at and laugh about. I especially love the memes – and ice-tea-drinking Kermit always has a point. I do interact, and comment (minimally) on some posts when I can’t resist. Some people have said that it’s a place to gather information or to keep up with what’s happening on- island, but I’ll wait to see how it proves most useful for me.

This time around I know that I can ignore the requests I don’t plan on answering and “unfriend” the people whose applications should have met the same fate.

This time around I know that I can pay attention to the posts that interest me and spend no time at all on the ones that don’t.

This time around I know that if I’m looking for genuine interest and honest interactions, I’ll need to go on over to twitter instead.

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See my first foray with “the Facebook” here


2 thoughts on “Second Time’s The Charm?

  1. Right with you. My personal facebook page is highly selective. I only am facebook friends with my actual friends. Those that constantly post how well they scored on a game get hidden. I demand substance in my news feed. Of course I welcome all to my facebook author page (even though the blog is better).

    1. “Substance in my news feed” – I love that. The personal page is a necessary evil I suppose.
      BTW, I just realized that I overlooked your last post, so I’ll have to add mine to the list.

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