By the Sweat of Your Brow….

Quite a few employees complain that their workplaces are reducing the numbers of staff but not the requisite amount of work that needs to be done, so effectively, there ends up being more to do and less people to do it.

But there are some businesses that can get you to give of your effort and you don’t even work there. I’ve seen it done at beauty parlours where the customer has to pass the rollers that are being put in her hair, and I’ve experienced it as a taxpayer when I’m asked to fill out how much money I’ve paid to date.

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Recently I heard a local radio station asking it’s listeners to let them know whenever they see news in the making.

I’m aware that asking people – essentially customers – to let news outlets know when news happens isn’t a novel idea. CNN has its i-reporters and American network channels routinely ask the viewer if he or she has a tip. Even the afternoon talk shows sometimes ask viewers if there’s something that they’d like to see.

The local station gave several examples just in case we weren’t sure what would classify as “news”. Of course, there was the usual road accident, and the less frequent fire, but they also wanted us to tell them whether we were witnesses to a drowning or present at a drug bust.

And relating to the last, I wondered whether that would be before or after we got caught in the crossfire, or around the time we decided that we’d prefer to be a witness for the prosecution before the trial even begins?

The announcer in a very expansive tone urged us to whatsapp or tweet the information to the studio, and I could almost hear him say (although he didn’t), that there could be extra credit for any images provided. Because what’s a story without the accompanying picture or video footage?

We were also told that our confidentiality was “100% assured”. What is this? Crime stoppers? Who says I don’t want the notoriety that would come from providing early information about the latest fatality on the road?

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Who says I don’t want to be recognized as the person who always gets that perfect shot of somebody’s house burning to the ground in addition to capturing the look on the person’s face as he sees everything he worked so hard for, go up in flames?

Noticeably absent from the radio ad though, was any mention of payment. So it appears that the suitable candidate is supposed to get the news for them, give it to them, but receive no recognition or compensation for the effort.

I’m not so sure that I want to be on that career path, but since they said they won’t tell anybody, maybe I will give that tip concerning the occasional drug bust I sometimes happen to see.

Just as long as it means that I’ll be put in a witness protection program.

I could really do with a change of scenery.


4 thoughts on “By the Sweat of Your Brow….

  1. In an island as small as this one, news travels fast and I suppose if the news outlets see that a lot of the information shows up on social media first, then maybe they see it as a way of keeping all their bases covered. As well as getting something for absolutely nothing.

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