You Talking to Me?

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I read a couple of weeks ago about a preacher (not Antiguan), who thought that in addition to quoting the Bible he would also draw from the lyrics of a R&B/rap song in order to make his point.

I will be the first to agree that some of our local church services could use some livening up, and I appreciate whenever an attempt is made to make things more relevant and relatable to me. But there’s relatable and then there’s “really”?

When the preacher referenced above was heard to say “These hoes ain’t loyal”, in his attempt to communicate – well I don’t know what he was trying to communicate – I would probably have been one of several who didn’t immediately get the reference. But the way most of the people were enthusiastically reacting, it would seem that unlike me, most of them knew their music.

The sermon was titled “I’m my enemies’ worst nightmare”, and since he quoted the verse I went to look for the chapter that it came from, and besides wondering how he managed to get through the actual song, I also wondered why most of the women in the congregation were fervently clapping their hands. I had to conclude that this was clearly a case of “I know he ain’t talking to me”.

Several years ago, along with some family members, I visited a church that I didn’t normally frequent. I was familiar with the minister who was conducting the service that day, but I was unaware that he was comfortable with using the pulpit as the place to get troubling personal matters off his chest.

I don’t mean that he bared his soul about his marriage or his family or anything like that. But it was clear that the gentleman didn’t like being disregarded and thought that the first service of a new year was the perfect opportunity to let us all know it. Maybe that was his idea of a fresh start.

I began to wonder where this was all going because this didn’t sound like the good news I was told to expect. It sounded like one good cussing. And I wondered how many people he expected to pass back after receiving such a tongue lashing – even the ones who knew he wasn’t referring to them.

And then just as if nothing ever happened – as if turning over a page in a book, he continued with the service. And after we got over the initial shock we opened our hymn books and followed along. Needless to say, we decided to discontinue the practice of visiting blindly because we didn’t want to take the chance of being scolded again.

Because there’s nothing more annoying than having done nothing wrong and being made to sit through the punishment anyway.


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