The Silly Season – Part 3

Personally, I’m not a fan of people who only know that I’m alive when they want something from me. That’s what’s known locally as being “sometime-ish”, when you know me this week, but pass me, like an easy exam, the next.

The silly season is winding down, and with the voter id cards ready to be picked up, it is clear that we will soon be coming ashore.

For some people, the actual voting day and the end of the “season” can’t come soon enough. Because it means the conclusion of the endless procession of promotional messages, unbelievable promises, unlikely predictions and unsustainable  future plans.

I’m not sure that it will lead to a cease-fire though, because some sides can be notoriously sore losers. And their pain then becomes our eternal sorrow.

This election season has been interminable and unusually long, so if a particular side doesn’t succeed this time, I don’t think anybody will humour them if they attempt to continue their campaign even after the majority has spoken. This time it won’t matter if the supporters feel aggrieved – they’re tired too.

Because the season has been so drawn out, all the things that are usually done have had to be done for a bit longer. So there was more entertainment, more walk-abouts, more promises, more enticements, more meetings, more rallies, more paraphernalia, more billboards. And as I write this, there are still more being erected – as if this last one will be the “closer” for them – but it might actually be the clincher for me.

And not necessarily to their benefit, because I’ve been here all along.

I’m amazed that they’ve only just noticed.


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