The Silly Season – Part 2

And you thought that you were more than just another pretty face.

These islands of the Caribbean, particularly the smaller ones have a peculiar custom in the months leading up to a general election.

This tradition is the personal visit from the candidate hoping to “represent” you in Parliament, which is something he can do only if he gets enough votes.

For the incumbent candidate it is unfamiliar territory – at least it has been for the past four or so years – since he expects that you would be the one visiting him. But since he’s the one doing the asking, good manners dictates that he do it in person.

The other candidate who wants his job hopes to get it by courting you with promises. He is likely to have the upper hand on his opponent because since he doesn’t already have that job he’s after, he’s the one with more time on his hands – and possibly more visits on his scorecard.

But that’s not the only difference between the two applicants.

The sitting candidate probably remembers your name with the help of his trusty list, but it’s understandable that he may forget your face because he hasn’t seen it in a while.

The wanna-be delegate on the other hand can’t seem to put the right face to the right name. A fact that you realize when he (or his agent), contacts you by phone to verify whether you are in fact living at the same address where he visited you last week.

He still wants to represent you though.

Just don’t hold it against him because he’s not exactly sure who that “you” is.


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