By the light of the blood (red) moon

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So we all got up at 2:30 last Tuesday morning to see the “blood moon”.


All I got to see was a sliver of slightly yellow, slightly orange moon because the clouds just wouldn’t cooperate. You don’t realize how many of them are up there until they start getting in the way.


My husband was all ready to capture the celestial event on his camera. He’s been chasing the moon for a few years now and had recently bought a tripod – the better to capture it on film, and himself in group pictures.


It didn’t take me long to rouse the kids. Something that only happens if we’re travelling somewhere, so I was surprised that a trip to the backyard was so eagerly anticipated. But they’d already been prepped by their father.


The hubby has a running bet with a neighbour who calls him every time the moon is full, so he’s determined to get a decent picture of the moon to show him. But it was clear early on that this morning wasn’t going to help that mission.


Both the tripod and camera were abandoned, but we were still hoping to see some semblance of a scarlet moon, so we sat on chairs in the yard and craned our necks heavenward to see what we could see with our naked eyes.


It gave me time to wonder how long it was going to take me to get back to sleep when this was all over.


While waiting for a break in the clouds, it occurred to me that we are fortunate to be living in the times that we are because advances in science and technology allow us to not only be aware of things that happen around us, but also the reasons why they take place.


Because years ago a blood red moon would surely have signaled the end of the world and if you weren’t up at that godforsaken hour to witness it, or if like us, you just couldn’t see it, you’d be seriously left behind. And the Doomsday Preppers would have already shut their doors tight.


So, somewhat disappointed, we went back to bed knowing that we were going to be hating it in a few hours when we had to get up for a second time.


We’ll do this all over again in October, when there’ll be another lunar eclipse. Hopefully I’ll be able to be caught up in the rapture then.


3 thoughts on “By the light of the blood (red) moon

  1. Had a pretty good view of it here in Southern Tasmania, actually managed to get 1 Ok-ish photo, I should have set up the tripod, but it was a bit cold outside and I was too lazy. Will be back for another go later this year, should be warmer then too.

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