A Glance Away…

Image credit: sanantonioinjurylawyer-blog.com
Image credit: sanantonioinjurylawyer-blog.com

Today I’m driving along minding my business and paying attention to the road when another driver says, “Wait, you don’t take your eye off the road?

And just so you understand – this driver was behind the wheel of another vehicle going in the opposite direction, so that means he actually shouted the query.

I thought it an odd question because I was sure that the best way to avoid rear-ending someone was to actually keep my eyes on the road.

I wondered whether he was actually talking to me or referring to somebody behind me, or whether he was trying to tell me that I was missing something important happening in traffic. Because surely he wasn’t hoping to toss a “sweet eye” my way when a tap of the horn would suffice.

After checking my rearview and side view mirrors, I came to the conclusion that the comment was indeed directed at me, because when I did glance away for a minute I could see that he was looking my way.

Men are not great at multi-tasking, but when it comes to driving, they too can do other things of great importance at the same time.

I have a relative who generally likes to look at the ladies, and navigating a busy street doesn’t stop him from checking her out from head to toe. Even after he’s passed her, he’s still looking in the rearview mirror to see what he might have missed.

But to answer the goodly gentleman’s question, here are some of the reasons why I don’t in fact take my eyes off the road. Because if I did, I might miss…

… the driver who can’t make up his mind about whether he wants to make that right turn or continue going straight ahead, so he zigzags until he comes to a decision.

… the driver who is busy on his cell phone, and doesn’t see that he’s coming out of the area marked “entrance only”, narrowly missing me as I try to go in.

… the driver who is trying to indicate to me that she wants me to pass her, but her hand signals don’t look like anything I remember seeing in the driver’s handbook.

… the driver who thinks that he should use his left side indicator to let me know that he wants to re-enter traffic on the right side.

… the driver who thinks that it’s totally unnecessary to use any indicator at all, and just lurches out into traffic anyway.

… the driver who reverses onto a major highway, or a busy road because turning around in his yard is way too easy.

… the driver who thinks it’s high time that he got a new car so he parks it in such a way that I can’t help but hit it.

… the driver whose car is so modified that every bump in the road causes him to slow down to 3mph and my blood pressure to climb up to boiling.

… the driver who thinks that some cars have wings – because why else would he stop his car in the middle of the road for no apparent reason leaving me nowhere else to go?

And even though he’s right next to me – I might miss the driver who steals the other driver’s right of way because he can’t wait to make that turn.

Because even when I’m in the passenger seat, I still have to keep my eyes on the road.



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