Doggie Diplomacy

Seems like not even Vladimir Putin can deny that every dog should have his day – and these dogs are having theirs.

I heard recently about some dogs, ten to be exact, who were flown to the United States to be put in shelters, and later be made available for adoption. The lucky dogs were formerly strays who were discovered on the streets of Sochi in Russia, the site of the recently concluded winter Olympics.

Talk about being in the right place at the right time. However, I wonder how those Russian dogs stack up against my local ones.

I believe that dogs are smarter than we give them credit for. If you stop to take the time to look into their eyes, you’ll see a lot written there. I once went to the local animal shelter, and the dogs that were housed there were well taken care of, but their eyes told me that they wanted out of there. Wouldn’t you?

Our local dogs are sharper than most. I’m not sure what pertains now, but years ago down at the shopping centre attached to the area where the cruise ships dock, the stray dogs would take an easy walk down to the area – jostling with the taxi drivers, the hair braiders and the vendors who were all vying for the tourist’s attention.

It was here that these normally timid and apprehensive animals would practice their acting skills, wagging their tails and trying their best to look like the person’s next pet – mange and all. The most successful dogs were not the ones who got a few crumbs, but the ones who actually got the individual to come down to their level – look them in the eye and pat them.

Oh joy! And if there was enough time, the dog would roll onto his back, so that the person could give a belly rub as well. Talk about heaven on earth.

The dogs however would be disappointed when the person would inevitably move on to have a look at what somebody else was selling, so they too would amble along to the next person ready to share some affection. This, before someone else considered them a nuisance and shooed them away.

Unlike my local strays, the Russian canines are having much better luck, since an additional ninety dogs will be taking a later flight. Apparently, some dogs do go to heaven – or to the US.

I wish all those canines the best of luck. But they won’t need it. Seems like they were fortunate enough not to have Mr. Putin include them in the anti-US adoption bill. So they’ve already beaten the odds.

Adopt a dog. He'll love you for it!
Adopt a dog. He’ll love you for it!

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