I Long for Rain

I long for rain…

To soak the earth, not disappear before it hits the ground

(Who knew there were so many different, awesome shades of brown?)

To eliminate cracks in the soil, not simply to fall through them

‘Cause didn’t the old people say that earthquakes are heat-driven?

I wish for rain…

The kind that makes for chilly days and later, cooler nights

A deluge of sorts, the kind we see when the hurricane’s at its height

The type of surge we talk about long after it has fallen

Because then it’s no longer rain, but sweet manna from the heavens

I pray for rain….

‘Cause I don’t know how much longer I can last

Conservation is the watchword now, but I yearn for some repast

There’s water all around us on this island we call home

I hope there’s rain on the horizon – and I hope that it comes soon


4 thoughts on “I Long for Rain

    1. Yes, I especially love hearing it fall on the galvanized roof above me. We’re experiencing a drought here so we haven’t seen much of it in a while. However, the weatherman says it should break next month. Fingers crossed.

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