Mother Knows Best

I’m a fan of Michelle Obama. I love her fashion sense. I’m not necessarily a fan of her speeches, mostly because of the delivery, not the content. But I know that she can hold her own in the late night discussions that she and Barack Obama must have. However, the latest display of her down-to-earth nature tells me that she must have Caribbean roots – somewhere.

How many of you remember when you were young and you were going to a party (even one with food), that your mother would tell you to eat before you go? Because like any good mother, she didn’t want you starving if you didn’t like what the host prepared or worse yet, not meet any food, but be expected to subsist with just a few cups of juice.

Or do you remember going to weddings where the bride and groom would play “starve out” with their guests and make us sit through what seemed like one hundred and sixteen speeches before they would give us a morsel to eat? It would make you re-think the nicely wrapped present you gave them because you didn’t think that passing out from hunger was a fair price to pay for the invitation.

When she sent out her 50th birthday invitations via email recently, Mrs. Obama told the guests to EBYC or “eat before you come”. The reason however, was probably because she was mindful that her guests might be expecting a six course sit-down meal but be greeted with the finger foods and light snacks that she intended to serve, instead.

The First Lady’s shindig was to be an informal affair that she wanted to be heavy on fun, so she also informed that there would be dancing aplenty. And one can’t really dance it up if you’re tethered to a dinner table and if your belly’s too full.

So because most people recognize the old-fashioned mother in Michelle Obama, and admit that what she did isn’t wrong, they are taking issue not with what she said – but how she said it. I guess more Americans would have been happier if she hadn’t put quite so plainly.

Because next time, all in an effort to save the tax payers some money, she may decide to ask each guest to chip in and BYOB.

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